Razz is certainly not the most popular form of poker, but it has a dedicated group of fans and players that love play razz poker. It began a surge in popularity during the 2004 World Series of Poker. The basic premise is pretty simple…the lowest cards win. Also called seven cards low, Razz has some upsides. It seems to be easy to learn, easy to teach to a newcomer, and quite straightforward because many of the cards are up cards, which means you get a pretty good idea of what your opponents have. It is the “R” game in a HORSE tournament, so if you want to compete there, you need to know how to play Razz poker. It can be interesting and challenging, so maybe you should consider giving it a try.

Many poker sites offering razz poker have cropped up all over the internet so when choosing the best site to play at you should check into important factors such as whether or not the site accepts players from your country, one great place for playing Razz Poker is the Carbon Poker website.

Top Recommendations For Razz Poker:

Carbon Poker is a relatively new poker site, it has some innovative features and great advantages for new players and welcomes US players. Because of the small number of people playing, there is great opportunity to win big money. Their easy-to-use program is suitable for even new poker players. The graphics are simple, but clear and don’t take a long time to load. The program will take up a small amount of space on your hard drive. 24 hour support through email and live chat means any questions will be answered quickly, letting you get back to playing poker. Play Now at Carbon Poker

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